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Thank you everyone for the Support and checking out my music! I Have posted my first album for Cryptocurrency only! Specifically the #LightningNetwork

Introducing my FIRST Official release: CENSOR THIS

Available Now In the Store!

Buy Now using Lightning Network or Bitcoin Mainnet!

Each song is available for a limited time for $1.00 to CELEBRATE!

I Want to show the world and my friend and family that its possible to live the life they want, and find Markets, and support globally. Im trying to show them that there is more to this whole Crypto Craze. Im hoping to show that With this opportunity in technology we can change the interaction of Buyer and Seller. Cut out the middle man and Establish a Community again. But most importantly im tryin to show that they CAN Live and exist and thrive without banks, without middle men, with out custodians, Boarders or centralized control. What a dream!

Now Ive always hated banks, Ever since My job for the paper route.

“Why would I Want to keep my money in a bank?” I’d always think. Never keep more in banks than I could afford to lose, and that was never more than a damn cent.

I will be Uploading my works further in the coming days and weeks and I Hope that you will enjoy it, I Have been working on these tracks from 2004-Present Day. Works Including over 100 Tracks Coming Soon!

Thank You all!


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